Property Market Santa Eularia des Riu 2024
February 19, 2024
By: Claudia Zezukiewiets
Property Market Santa Eularia des Riu 2024 💡 This is an in-depth article for the Eivissa Municipality – Full Article: Ibiza Property Market 2024 Are you considering a second home in the area of Santa Eularia des Riu? Let’s get you started with a more detailed overview of the real estate market in this area. Santa…

Property Market Santa Eularia des Riu 2024

💡 This is an in-depth article for the Eivissa Municipality – Full Article: Ibiza Property Market 2024

Are you considering a second home in the area of Santa Eularia des Riu? Let’s get you started with a more detailed overview of the real estate market in this area. Santa Eularia des Riu is the biggest municipality and stretches about 153.48km2 on the Eastern part of Ibiza. In other words, it will take you about 30 minutes to drive from the south (Jesús) up to the North (San Carlos). In this area you will find a very diverse demographic of locals and second home buyers. The latter, mainly from Germany, The Netherlands, the UK and France. However, there are some big differences between specific neighborhoods. I will tell you all about it… Plus, and this is why you are here, its effect on the hyperlocal property markets.


How is the property market in Jesús? €7.006/m2 (DEC-2023)

(Dec-2022: €6.694/m2)

If you’re a busy professional seeking a blend of modernity and charm, the area around Jesús might be your thing. This area, including Cap Martinet & Can Furnet, has good community vibes and easy access to Ibiza Town. Here, you’ll find a variety of housing options. Ibiza Town is known for a wide variety of apartments, while Jesús offers more townhouses and luxurious villas that are a big hit with soccer stars – giving Cap Martinet the nickname, Cap Fútbol. Most properties here are sleek and modern with relatively smaller plots, but we’ve noticed a trending shift towards rustic redesigns post-pandemic.

Being home to so many luxury villas, average m2 prices in this area have increased significantly. The “cheaper” options are being snapped up quickly by foreign and local buyers. This pushes average prices even higher. As a little example, we have sold new development apartments in 2020 at a average price/m2 of €5.000 and these got back on the market (and sold) above €7.200/m2… Do your maths… And that is apart from the joy of living the ibiza life in the meantime…

How is the property market in San Carlos? €6.654/m2 (DEC-2023)

(Dec-2022: €5.743/m2)

San Carlos… all the way up to the North… Expect to find here 30% apartments and the rest all detached or attached villas. You will find here a lot of traditional rural properties (fincas) with spacious gardens in this more calm area. We use to refer to this east side of the island as the “coffee-side” of the island. It’s where the sun comes up which allows for some amazing views. A few years ago, properties where lower-priced as those where in less demand. Now, with the rising demand for space and an organic lifestyle, these properties are very popular amongst foreign buyers, causing prices to surge.

Bar anita san carlis

The village of San Carlos is very authentic and picturesque. You will find here a good mix of locals who lived here for decades, but as well newcomers that are embracing the serenity of this side of the island. From here you will have a short drive to a few nice beaches such as Cala Mastella. This beach is known for the restaurant “El Bigotes” where you can set yourself ready for some very fresh fish… There is one rule, 14.00 lunch is served! Another beach, Es Figueral, features the recently opened Nudo Beach. Here you can expect some very high quality cuisine… The improved gastronomy offering on this side of the island definitely attracts more people, and ultimately also more potential buyers to this side of the island.

How is the property market in Santa Eularia? €5.419/m2 (DEC-2023)

(Dec-2022: €5.241/m2)

Santa Eularia, the biggest city in Santa Eularia des Riu municipality, offers a unique blend of urban conveniences in a coastal setting. With its vast array of retail options, posh yachting marina, and a picturesque 2KM boulevard extending from Siësta to the yachting area, it invites people to enjoy their time leisurely. Traditionally, it attracted a substantial German crowd, but over the past 10 years, the demographics have changed, and it now hosts a mix lof locals, Germans, Dutch and British crowd. Santa Eularia maintains its vibrancy during the winter as numerous restaurants remain open, keeping this little city alive.

In terms of property, apartments dominate the Santa Eularia market, accounting for 65% of the total listings. Among these, 30% are priced below €500,000, while a more premium segment, comprising 10%, is listed above €1,000,000. If we were to invest, we’d choose Santa Eularia without a second thought. It promises easy access to a beach and a good selection of gastronomic experiences, all within walking distance. If you’re more into a lively, nightlife-centric way to spend the night, we would recommend areas closer to Marina Botafoch and Ibiza Town.

Much like other areas within Santa Eularia des Riu, property prices on the market have doubled over the last decade. This trend is visible in the whole of Ibiza. I strongly believe that all of Ibiza is becoming an A-location. It entirely depends on the lifestyle you’re after – Ibiza has something for everybody. We forecast that prices will continue to rise.

How is the property market in Santa Gertrudis? €9.981/m2 (DEC-2023)

(Dec-2022: N/A)

Known widely as an area with an air of sophistication, Santa Gertrudis has continued to attract art enthusiasts and fashion influencers over the years. Buying in Santa Gertrudis isn’t just about walls and rooms. It’s about joining a lively community with lots of culture. That’s why homes here are popular, especially for people looking for a second home in a and interesting place full of entertainment that offers the opposite from busy citylife back home.

Houses in Santa Gertrudis cost the most per m2 on the island, almost 10k/m2 on average! This small town is super popular, especially with Dutch and French buyers. There are hardly any houses for sale anymore, only 35! Most cost over 1 million euros, and one that doesn’t will probably sell super fast. The town is adorable, with cute houses and restaurants on every corner! At the time of writing there is only one apartment for sale, the rest are plots of land or (attached) villas.

This article is part of our full property market Ibiza 2024 report that gives insights into home prices, home sales, interest rates and some island demographics. Enough reading material to prepare you for the right choice when buying a second home.

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