Property Market Sant Josep de Sa Talaia 2024
February 14, 2024
By: Claudia Zezukiewiets
Property Market Sant Josep de Sa Talaia 2024 We understand the necessity of having comprehensive, timely and accurate information when it comes to investing in the real estate market.  Here, you’ll find invaluable insights and detailed statistics about current and projected housing prices in this unique region. How have home prices developed over time? From…

Property Market Sant Josep de Sa Talaia 2024

We understand the necessity of having comprehensive, timely and accurate information when it comes to investing in the real estate market.  Here, you’ll find invaluable insights and detailed statistics about current and projected housing prices in this unique region. How have home prices developed over time? From the eclectic vibe of San Agustin to the serenity of Es Cubells, from the vibrancy of Sant Josep to the peace of Sant Jordi, and the mesmerizing landscapes of Cala Tarida, Cala Vadella and Cala Conta, we have all corners covered. So, whether you’re a prospective buyer, a property investor, or simply interested in the Ibiza Property Market, this guide is for you. Let’s dive into the data and trends that will be shaping the property market in Sant Josep de Sa Talaia in 2024.


San Agustin / Cala de Bou – €5.421/m2 (DEC-2023)

(Dec-2022: €4.473)

Cala de Bou is a bit of the underdog in the Ibiza Real Estate market. Being on the East Side of San Antonio, and not so much on a walking distance, Cala de Bou is really dead in winter. As property prices were very attractive in other regions of the island, potential buyers preferred to invest in areas/communities with a different lifestyle. Think about the communities in the North of Ibiza, or people that want to be closer to their jobs around Ibiza Town. However, when stocks where declining sharply after corona, Cala de Bou became more and more a point of interest.

San Agustin, with its rural charm, is a popular choice for people seeking second homes. It offers a range of villas, from cozy to extravagant mansions, some hidden away for those desiring privacy. Adding to the allure of the area is San Agustin’s quaint village center. You won’t find this charm in the heart of Cala de Bou, which is characterized by a ‘tourist street’, still full of souvenir shops and hamburger bars. Much like Playa den Bossa in Eivissa, this area is likely to see significant transformation in the next decade, making it a promising investment option.

Es Cubells – €6.625/m2 (DEC-2023)

Es Cubells, often referred to as the ‘Gold Coast’ of Ibiza, houses some of the most high-priced properties on the island. Though the current market price for property is recorded at €8,819 per m2, you’ll easily find mansions priced at a €20k/m2 or €30k/m2. Investing here ties you to one of the world’s prime luxury property markets, a proven performer in wealth accumulation in the property sector. This niche market is largely immune to fluctuations in interest rates and given the limited geographical area, coupled with an ever-growing European clientele who can afford such luxuries, it’s a safe bet to say the property values here are bound to go even higher.

However, the allure of Es Cubells extends beyond its economical values. The area is a haven for luxury, renowned for its designer villas that offer breathtaking views of Es Vedrá. The area hosts a few charming restaurants, including the famous Ses Boques. Jondal, an exquisite beach restaurant is just a short drive away.

Sant Josep – €4.980/m2 (DEC-2023)

(Dec-2022: €7.343)

Sant Josep is the central hub of the municipality, Sant Josep de Sa Talaia. If you’ve ever spent a holiday in Ibiza, chances are you’ve driven through this town en route to your favorite beach club on the island’s west side. Personally, I really like Sant Josep, which serves as a hub for locals and second-home buyers alike. I am personally a big fan on Sant Josep which is the center for many locals as well as second home buyers. Especially in and around summer time (still a little less in winter), there is enough choice for a (healthy) breakfast, a filling lunch or a cozy dinner. There are a few supermarkets, a bank, the Town Hall, laundry services.. And basically anything that can keep you alive for a good while ;).

The town of Sant Josep is characterized by many 2 and 3-floor town houses and low apartment blocks. The building style is charming and therefore very much desired by foreign buyers. If you are looking to live in a small community, though not being to secluded from a coffee shop around the corner, than Sant Josep for sure is a place to consider. Prior to the rise of coronavirus, the average price per m2 on the market stood at €5.544. Fast forward four years, and you’ll find prices have escalated, with fewer affordable properties available, pushing the average price to €8.254 in December 2023.

Sant Jordi – €6.489/m2 (DEC-2023)

(Dec-2022: €5.611)

Sant Jordi is quite a big area. However, I wouldn’t describe it as charming as Sant Josep. The area is a bit more flat compared to Sant Josep which doesn’t allow the properties for similar views. The heart of Sant Jordi is a little less cozy, but also this is slowly improving. In this area you will find mainly single family homes on smaller plots. Sant Jordi has a kind of a second little center with shops that services the area of Sa Carocca, an area that is becoming increasingly popular because of the views. Sa Carocca is more elevated and as a result prices are slightly higher here (again, because of the views).

Sant Jordi is very centrally located on the island. From here you will be close to the airport, but airplanes won’t bother you. This we know for a fact as our office is located just on the outskirts of Sant Jordi, on the road to Sant Josep.

Cala Tarida / Cala Vadella / Cala Conta – €6.489/m2 (DEC-2023)

(Dec-2022: €6.736)

A very popular area amongst second home buyers! Probably because there are a lot of town houses built on elevated levels, allowing for affordable villas/town houses with sea views. I would say, something unique to this area. As well, this side of the island has some of the best beaches (Cala Conta/Cala Comte being my favorite), and good Spanish beach restaurants. The atmosphere here is more cozy and family-oriented compared to Ibiza Town‘s nightlife areas.

Nowadays, more and more foreign buyers, particularly from the Netherlands, are charmed by this area’s relaxed lifestyle. The demand here outpaces the limited land availability, which is why we predict a steady rise in property rates in the near future. And, I guess part of the success is that many views in this area have views on Es Vedrá, something you won’t find on the East Side of the island. So, if you seek peace and a laid-back lifestyle, this area might just be your next favorite spot. Just note, winters can still be very quiet here…

This article is part of our full property market Ibiza 2024 report that gives insights into home prices, home sales, interest rates and some island demographics. Enough reading material to prepare you for the right choice when buying a second home.

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