The “White Isle” With a Side of Art
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  • 13 Sep 2019
  • by Claudia Zezukiewiets
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The “White Isle” With a Side of Art

The most famous cultural art event happening on the Balearic Islands, the IBIZA ART FAIR, starts Thursday 19th of September and will continue until Sunday the 22nd of September. The event will take place at the Palacio de Congresos de Ibiza, in Santa Eulária.

Over 150 national and international exhibitors will present their original modern, contemporary and antique works at the third edition of the Art Fair. All visitors will be able to experience a fantastic, relaxed atmosphere spiced with art talks, activities for kids, personal shopping experiences, and, of course, live paintings. The motto of the event is the same as before: Gifting is an art!

The Ibiza Art Fair is the creation of Adriana Daly Peterova, who first organized the event in 2017. Now it is an annual event on the island and one of its most famous. Residents and tourists altogether can thus experience a unique showcase of masterpieces signed by acclaimed international artists or by emerging talents on the rise.

Any of the objects one can purchase at the Ibiza Art Fair can become a spectacular gift for someone dear (or for themselves). Giving gifts helps us shape our identity, as well as expressing love, affection, respect, and so many other feelings. Gifts have the power to strengthen the bond between people and may also influence someone’s future.

When gifting art, the emotion is probably even more powerful, especially since we wish for the recipient of the gift to enjoy the present. The ability to find the perfect art gift which sends the right message is even more important than the symbolism of giving gifts. That is why choosing the ideal piece is an art, indeed!

The 3rd edition of the Ibiza Art Fair will undoubtedly provide visitors the opportunity of finding such pieces. Just take a look at the highlights of the event:

Agnes Zaszkaliczky, a Hungarian born visual artist, specialized in hyperrealist portraits
She is admired for combining great colors with an abstract geometric design, creating a unique contrast between the background and the picture.

Agnes Zaszkaliczky


Günther Villgrattner, an Austrian painter who works with the reality and the imaginary of the living space
He uses colorful forms, figures, symbols, and various materials to present the challenges of humanity, ethics, and how they interact.

Günther Villgrattner


Brigitte Saugstad, a ceramic artist from Vienna
The joy and energy that her work brings to people are incredible. She plays with light and shows the profound connection that we have with the earth.

Brigitte Saugstad


Georg Pummer, an award-winning Austrian painter, working with acrylic paints
He combines traditional portraiture with digital aesthetics, creating dynamic portraits. They are all hand-painted, although they might seem digitalized.

The must-see cultural event of Ibiza is designed to appeal to all types of art lovers, both casual and collectors. According to its creator, the art fair takes inspiration from one of Europe’s most influential art shows – Art Basel.

Georg Pummer


For tickets and further information, including program details and many more, please visit the Ibiza Art Fair website http://ibizaartfair.es.



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