Request off-market Access to Plots of land for sale in Ibiza

    Land for sale in Ibiza - Opportunity comes to the prepared mind.

    Can’t find a good plot of land for sale in Ibiza via one of the on-market opportunities? Having lived and worked on the island for over 17 years, we have developed deep connections with the locals. This also allows us to offer products that are not available through traditional channels. Want to buy land but not sure about the process of obtaining a license or building permit? We can provide the right guidance from start to finish. Complex laws surrounding urban planning can make it a waiting game before you can really enjoy your vacation home. But from an economic point of view, the greatest investment opportunities are found in the search for plots of land and self-construction.

    Too busy to develop your own property in Ibiza? Rely on our network of experts to literally manage your project, from the first permit to the last tile laid in your bathroom. Currently, we do have plots of land for sale that count with a granted building license which means that you can start building on the land within the shortest amount of time. When building your own villa, expect building costs to be ranging from €1.900-€2.500 on average and depending on your wishing. Of course, you will pay a bit more when you have a more expensive taste. However, when done right, the higher construction cost will be reflected in a considerably higher-end value of your property. People tend to go for quality over quantity these days…