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  • 30 Jan 2019
  • by Claudia Zezukiewiets
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Are you looking for that well-priced villa with breath-catching views?

The vibrant property market in Ibiza has a lot to offer. As real estate specialist we are here to curate the right properties for you and here we are; presenting a lovely property which ticks a lot of boxes. The views are amazing, there is a lot of outdoor chill-out space, a romantic garden, 3 terraces, privacy and still just a few minutes away from Ibiza Town.

Views over Ibiza Town, Mountains & The Sea

The villa is located only a few minutes away from Ibiza Town, on the road to San Rafael, close to some of the finest restaurants. As the property is divided over 3 floors, there is a good view, a better view and the best view-floor. That’s why we suggest a little do-up for the 3 terraces which allow you to have cozy summer nights or winter afternoons. Curious? Just have a look at the suggestion from our interior designer.

Fireplace and views

The living room with cozy fireplace has direct access to the terrace, and again you will be able to enjoy coziness and views at the same time.

Your very own private park

The property is located on a plot of more than 3.000m2. And each m2 has been thought through. A lovely feature, which we haven’t seen in a similar way in many other properties, is a little garden, almost like a private park. You will love it, it definitely gives the property extra character.

A Separate Guesthouse

You love your kids and your guests, but owning a house in Ibiza might go together with a lot of stay-overs. The apartment below the main house is a perfect stay for either your guests or kids who are just old enough to have a bit of their own privacy.

Interior and Exterior Visualizations

The property is sold without furniture/renovation project. The staged photos are done by our architect who wants to give you an idea of what you could achieve. Of course, we can fully guide decorating your new home. Interested in a quote for having this property revamped by our creative team? Contact us!



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