Sales Collaborator

As a Sworn Translator, Alicia knows the importance of honest communication between all parties, in any situation, but especially in the real estate business. She is committed to providing excellent and complete services to our clients and to inspire confidence to them by always being sincere and exceptionally well prepared for the job. Alicia is continuously improving her knowledge; she loves being organized and guarantees to keep the buying/selling process as structured as possible. People and their wishes motivate her, that’s why she always takes excellent care of their demands. She has extended experience in the real estate area and the fantastic advantage of establishing great connections with people on the spot.

ALICIA in 5 Q&A’s
1. What is your focus within real estate?
I aim to become the most specialized real estate agent in urban planning regulations in Ibiza. I believe it is essential to be able to give proper advice to a seller. It is also vital to put a price in line with the real situation of the property, as well as providing updated information to potential buyers.
2. Where do you see the Ibiza real estate segment in the next three years?
I think this sector is going to experience relevant changes within the next few years. Our whole lifestyle is transforming as we communicate differently now. We use various apps, video conferences, voice messages; we make videos for our clients abroad. Such actions influence the real estate business. We all need to open our minds, as the future is already knocking on our doors.
3. What is it like to be in an all-female team?
Well, it is a challenge, but an outstanding one! Sometimes I feel a bit swamped, as we are all very passionate and proactive women. It is a positive thing, although sometimes maybe a bit too intense. But we all understand each other, and it is very satisfying to know that you can trust the rest of your team.
4. What does “Don’t Play Real Estate Roulette” mean for you?
To me, it means that we represent security, and clients should trust us. We advise them not to take risks on their own but to come to us and be safe, well protected and excellently served.
5. What is your view on the Ibiza luxury property market?
I think it is essential to get to those high-profile clients who look for luxury, comfort, and excellent service. Thus, we need to have luxury products to offer. But on the other hand, I see that the luxury market is growing without control. Thus, we should also pay attention to middle-profile clients who are very loyal to the island and enjoy its beauty and benefits with respect. Therefore, I plead for sobriety and coherence.