Ibiza Visitor Numbers, Who Is Coming to Ibiza?
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  • 27 Apr 2020
  • by Claudia Zezukiewiets
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Ibiza Visitor Numbers, Who Is Coming to Ibiza?

Tourism is the driver behind the economy in Ibiza, but who is actually coming to the island and what are the trends for new markets? Let’s have a look at the Ibiza Visitor Numbers in detail. In the end, they will affect home values and rental yields, interesting facts when looking to invest in Ibiza. Furthermore, the island is slowly turning into an all year round destination, meaning there is enough facilities and events to enjoy. This attracts relocators and demand on the island.

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Let’s have a look at the people visiting the island and the demographics of the islanders, the true residents. We know for a fact that many (and it’s many) live on the island only part of the year, which skews the oficial numbers a bit, but we can draw up our conclusions from trends in official numbers.


You are very likely to see English people on the island. There is over 800.000 people visiting the island each year. This number kept steady despite Brexit. We also see Spanish local visitors around 650.000 per year, Italian around 400.000 and French around 175.000. A little decline (less than 10%) was seen with the German visitors. A little increase from Benelux (10%) and Scandinavian countries (20%). A very interesting increase, the biggest increase, comes from the “rest of the world”. In 2016 we had roughly 341.593 visitors from countries other than the known ones. In 2019 this number rose to 469.950, that is almost 40% more!

Source: Ibestat.caib.es


Besides people sticking to traditional holiday periods because of the kids, there is a big group that comes to the island various times a year, for a quick getaway. More flights, cheaper flights and an improving all-year round culture on the island allows people a quick hit of summer, freedom & relaxation. Next to this, more people choose to relocate as they are able to work remotely. As long as they have a good internet connection, they can still run their team from abroad and make sure business runs smoothly. The numbers shown here are based on all-year round residency. However, the number of people living on the island might be much higher as some people opt to stay resident in their home country (if living less than 182 years on the island).

Source: Ibestat.caib.es

Some interesting facts. From 2009, German residents have halved whilst Italians living here all year round has doubled. We do also notice less British and French residents. Possible reasons for this could be the increased cost of living in the past 10 years. People working in tourist businesses couldn’t afford the living standard they were used to 20 years ago. As a result, people that had been living the hippie lifestyle, working just enough to provide for themselves decided to move elsewhere, maintaining a certain life standard. This was also when a lot of South-Americans and Asians moved to Ibiza. They took over a lot of the jobs supporting the hospitality industry.

Source: Ibestat.caib.es

As a result, we see that the population of Ibiza is increasing in line with the business cycle. Higher demand, meaning more tourists results in a higher need for workers. Of course, the increase of the local population plays a role here is well. Although, we can see this number shows a very steady year-on-year growth of almost 2%.

In all, the population has grown about 15% in the past years from just over 140.000 residents to over 160.000 now in 2020. The growth of population was backed by years of good economic health and island PR. Still, this number sums to only 4% of the amount of people visiting the island each year.

In the next article a little bit more about the drivers behind the PR machine of Ibiza being a geographical brand. What are those drivers and what is the outlook for the future?

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