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    Impressive luxury villas, signature Blakstad Design.

    More than half a century ago, in October 1956, Mary and Rolph Blakstad, sailed into the harbor of Ibiza. Rolph described the town of Ibiza as “white, pyramidal, a terraced hill rising from the sea with tier upon tier of crystalline cubical houses. They seemed more vegetable than mineral, the softened contours appearing to grow organically out of the ground.

    And so, the Blakstad family settled on Ibiza. The island was inhabited over the centuries by Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Moors and Catalans. Rolph began his extensive study of the island and its culture, its building, and its architecture – professions still practiced by his two sons, Nial and Rolf.

    The fusion of Ibizan traditions with function, form, and taste is the hallmark of a Blakstad villa. They specialize in design based on historical Ibizan architecture, combining style, and building techniques to suit contemporary lifestyles.

    Blakstad villas for sale in Ibiza are very scarce at the time of writing (February 2023). You can imagine that not everyone likes their villa to be publicly accesible, hence our filter on potential clients… Request your access through the form on the top of this page.