Being helpful brings purpose to life.

LetUs Ibiza combines legal knowledge, a strong network of partners and market knowledge to ensure our clients receive only the best care and results whether buying or selling a home.

Success in Real Estate is about performance and to perform at the highest level we are always pushing ourselves to exceed our client's expectations.

Give back? To whom?

Each season we will be asking YOU to nominate a good cause to support, this could be anything.

A day of fun for the elderly.

Animals in Need of Help

Daily Meals for Homeless People

Sport Classes for Kids with Limitations

Love is Love. It's up to you.


How much?

Projects around €5.000 - 6.000. LetUs Ibiza will invest 50% and the other 50% we will collect through crowdfunding to raise general awareness for the good cause.

How do
I Apply?

Send us a project that you need funding for.

ou can send your project before December 2nd to info@letusibiza.com or by using the 'APPLY' button below.


What will happen after?


After you send in your project we will select 4 projects of which we will make a small explanation on our website and social media.


We will equally promote these 4 projects on social media and ask people to vote for a project during 10 days.


The project with the most votes will win our support. And not just our support as we will move the community to participate in a good cause as well.


We hope we can create awareness for these 4 projects so more people, companies even, will be touched by their stories and will get up and help as well.

Current Projects

Ibiza Produce

Making Ibiza Farmers Famous We want to support the farming community by helping farmers and the farming community to become better linked and supported. As a result of the press, publicity and awareness efforts, buyers will know where to buy produce direct from the land, and how to support farmers and their work A supportive ecosystem will be cultivated between all the elements of the farming chain.

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Food For Ibiza
Not everyone is a fortunate as us to be able to buy nice food & wines & nice gifts for our loved ones during Christmas. This is unacceptable to the organization of Food for Ibiza. Everyone should enjoy during Christmas. This charity has been collecting funds & canned food for those who can’t afford a gift, not even a nice meal. This holiday especially is aimed to share and to think of those with less. (more…)
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El Santuario
Already for 25 years El Sanctuario has been a place of loving care created for all those horses, mules, donkeys and ponies after being found tied on walls, on very short chains in pitch dark stables, chains on legs, necks with deep wounds filled with maggots abundant in the Summer, in bare fields without food or water, so beaten that there is no skin left on them. (more…)
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Care 4 Cats
All of the animal friends on this island are familiar with the great work of Care4Cats. Unfortunately, there are still people on this island who do not take responsibility, who abandon their cats when they go on their nice long holiday, or leave the island. They do not castrate/sterilize, they do not care, causing the population of cats to grow. (more…)
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How to vote?

As from the 5th of December: Go to our Facebook or Instagram page and vote for the project.



Give Back

Please send us an e-mail with
information about the project.

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