Property Specialist

Result-oriented and enthusiast about beautiful properties. These and more are the words that describe Sandra. As a real connector, she values continuous relationships with clients while doing her best to help them acquire exquisite properties that meet their taste and budget needs. She’s a motivated individual, always adapting her abilities to negotiate and get the best deals. Her clients always win with her extensive network and ability to tap into all that is available on the market. She is unique in dealing with people whom she works with, both colleagues and clients. Her enthusiasm is only second to her remarkable passion for her work which helps people find houses to relax and call their second home.

SANDRA in 5 Q&A’s
1. What is your focus within Real Estate?
My main focus as a realtor is to remain reliable and build solid relationships with clients while collaborating efficiently with my team to deliver our services. I want to close deals and be happy doing so, knowing that I have successfully satisfied my clients' needs and made myself proud. I’m constantly working to improve myself, shape up my negotiating skills and be a great asset to my team while enjoying my work.
2. Where do you see Real Estate in Ibiza in the next 3 years?
I personally believe that in three years, housing prices will continue to rise to staggering figures. Properties in Ibiza have become some of the most sought-after investments in Spain and Europe, especially since the pandemic had minimal effect on this destination city. There's been a real boom in this sector (past cycle 2015-2020), and I'm confident that the real estate market in Ibiza will continue to grow after a little period of consolidation (2022-2023).
3. How does it feel to work with an all-female team?
Amazing! I knew almost all my colleagues before we became a team. I admire them, and I feel inspired by each of them. Sometimes, it can be scary for others if they are not at the same level as you, but this is not the case at LET US Ibiza. I´m a strong independent woman with opinions and clear ideas, which I contribute to the team. To be honest, I´m really happy to be part of an all-women team, and I find that this attracts positive attention from clients and owners.
4. What does 'Don't Play Real Estate Roulette' mean for you?
Unfortunately, the real estate industry in Ibiza is full of intrusiveness. As I always try to educate my clients- finding and sticking with one reliable real estate company in Ibiza is essential for a successful investment. At LET US Ibiza, we strive to work with our clients every step of the way to find exciting properties, conduct the necessary investigation to make sure it’s a good buy and ensure there are no surprises. I can proudly say that our clients have become our friends.
5. What is your view on the luxury property market in Ibiza?
Luxury properties in Ibiza are in high demand due to the great investments they bring and are well sought after by foreign clientele looking to buy second homes. However, the shortage of luxury properties means that the available ones in the market are listed for high prices that do (not always) match their worth. Some may even have major legal issues that can lead to lifelong problems for future owners. This makes it even more necessary to put yourself in the hands of local agents specialising in law and urban planning. Beyond that, Ibiza proudly offers the most amazing, luxurious, and unique properties around the world, surrounded by the island’s magical nature. Therefore we serve as the eye of investors and families looking to buy luxury properties in Ibiza.