Developments & renovation specialist

Cathy Ouwehand has successfully run her real estate agency for ten years. The OA Ibiza has been affiliated with a world-leading real estate figure (SAVILLS) since 2009. The new concept LET US Ibiza came as a new challenge for Cathy, who, besides real estate, is passionate about environmentally protecting Ibiza and creating a balance for the future of this island. Her children are her motivation for doing such a great job. Cathy is considered to be one of the leading New Development Sellers in Ibiza. She has actively participated in helping clients (after making a purchase) create the home they have always imagined.

CATHY in 5 Q&A’s
1. What is your focus within real estate?
My passion consists of new developments. I love helping to create them according to market trends and targets.
2. Where do you see the Ibiza real estate segment in the next three years?
We need better laws in the field to help us focus on renovation projects which involve sustainable energy. It would be great to see real development in this direction in the next few years.
3. What is it like to be in an all-female team?
I love it! I believe in women leadership, mainly because I have met so many powerful women in the real estate business but other industries as well. When it comes to LET US IBIZA, I think we help each other make the best decisions – for us and for the business itself.
4. What does “Don’t Play Real Estate Roulette” mean for you?
As our client, you don't need to look around - we will provide full services to you, and we will look for your best interest. We are not interested in one sale but in having our clients sending their friends to hire us as well. We aim for a long term relationships!
5. What is your view on the Ibiza luxury property market?
Luxury needs redefining. I'd say luxury now refers to better constructive solutions about the environment. A noise-proofed apartment. A house with no humidity. I strongly suggest we should work with our talented architects and professional construction companies to create the new luxury brand of Ibiza. Luxury also reflects in the type of services offered by any property; in the end, the most important luxury of all is the time you spend with your family and friends.